Wednesday, October 28, 2015

So, so sweet...

What can I say, this baby is so, so sweet! She is mellow, calm, undemanding, happy, content & just perfect. She has the biggest deepest eyes that are just full of wonder & when she stares at me I just KNOW there are great things in her future, wherever that may lead her. We obviously are still in the VERY early stages of her case & we, again, have no idea where it's headed. I haven't even had a chance to talk to her case worker about where her parents stand, the probability of them working their case plan, or what they are or are not going to try to do. We never in a million years thought we would have 3 girls, and one little boy, but if this is what God has planned for us....I'm OK with that! Meanwhile we are roaring toward Christmas so fast. Its such a great time for us & the kids. We just love baking, shopping & spending much needed time together. Chris always takes vacation around Christmas so we can really just soak it all in. We are all looking forward to that.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice.........

You guessed it! On Thursday we were SO blessed to bring home a beautiful baby girl from the NICU.

 She is so strong, such a fighter & an amazing warrior! She has fought through SO much & overcome so many things. I know the world holds amazing things for her, wherever her future leads. I can't say much on her case except it looks optimistic with the exception of one hurdle. We are already SO in love with her & it just feels RIGHT. It is such a good fit & it just feels so natural & easy. Its a feeling we had with each of our other adoptions. Meanwhile, I ask you to say a prayer, not for us or this special baby, but her mom. My heart breaks for her past, her present & her future. Please say a prayer for her to know what amazing things she can still do in this life, the difference she can make & that she finds the strength to make her dreams come true. 
She needs a miracle. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015


And just like that it's all over. We handed over our foster son for the last time today & after 8 months there are no words except that it was very bittersweet.  We're happy him for, proud for his momma & have no worries for his future. But it stings. I have cried so many tears I can't count. Giant, burning, blinding tears. I know people think we go into this knowing this isn't our child & we should be prepared. But the truth is they're wrong. When we bring a child into our home it's to love them 110%, the way every child deserves to be loved by a parent. Not with a guarded heart. It's just like telling a pregnant mom her baby won't make it. Does she love it less? NO!! She loves that baby so, so much. She tries to prepare her heart, but you can never prepare a parent's heart to say goodbye to their child. We loved our foster son the same way. We loved him as much as any Mommy & Daddy have ever loved a child. I'm not sure where our future will lead. Right now we're just taking a few days/ weeks/ months to get back to where we were & for the wound to heal just a little.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to Reality...

Well the Summer has ended & reality is setting in. We had an amazing time with tons of amazing memories. We traveled often & spent so much time with our babies. All 3 kids started school last week! They are in 4th, Kinder & Pre-K! The kids are loving being back in school & seeing their friends. As far as our Foster son goes he will be going home in the next few weeks & we started the transition this past weekend. After a case that took WAY too long, his momma was able to pick him up for a whole weekend. I'm not sure I can put into words what it is like to mourn a child you love so much, but who isn't gone. I know deep down even if we could change the outcome, we wouldn't. She deserves her son & he deserves his momma. We just wish it didn't hurt so badly to hand him over & walk away. I know this is what we agreed to, I know this is what we signed up for. But, it still burns like hell & nothing can stop that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer &

This summer we decided to sign all 3 kids up for swim team. If you aren't familiar, the schedule is pretty grueling. Practice is 4 days a week & they have swim meets every Saturday, starting at 7am & lasting into the afternoon. The older 2 kids were able to participate at meets, not Delilah. Technically you have to be 4 to join the team, and they let her slide & participate in the practices to give her a head start. I was so proud of both Tycker & Everly in how far they came. They both became stronger swimmers & made huge gains in their swim times. It was SO exhausting, especially traveling to away meets & doing daily practices with the baby in tow. Overall it was a great experience & I'm hoping we can participate again next summer! As far as Cotton goes, he is still with us, but should be going home next month. It will hands down be one of the hardest things we will ever do, but I am also excited to move past that pain & onto the next chapter for our family! We once again will venture into the unknown, but I know God has great plans for us!

Sunday, May 31, 2015


I know I've been totally MIA! It's been madness around here! After saving forEVER so we could pay cash, we finally bought a camper! It's our new baby. We've been taking it out every 2-3 weeks. So far we have been to The Highlands & saw the San Jacinto Monument, then Jamaica Beach & we got back today from Lake Livingston. We love the camper because is tiny but it has a big slide out & queen size beds fold out from each end! Our little Cotton is doing well. He is growing so fast & is just such a funny baby. His case is headed to reunification & we have been doing visitations. We are expecting him to go home by August.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Its getting warm......

We are SO happy around our house to see the first signs of Summer. We are BBQing every night on the back porch while the kids play & enjoying the time we have. The kids are looking forward to the end of the school year & swimming! Our foster son is doing well. He has settled in great & we love him to death. His case is looking like reunification, and he will be going home. It breaks my heart to think about giving him up, but I know nothing will change that. It's something I will have to do, WE will all have to do. He has started visitations with his bio family & I am so happy for him, and them. They deserve it, and he needs it too. We are going to do whatever it takes to make this as smooth & painless on HIM as we can. Meanwhile, we are enjoying these sweet first days of Summer!